Clinical Pearls from a PT familiar with modern pain science

Nice blog post from Jarod Hall, physiotherapist.  FYI – DDD means “degenerative disc disorder”, and DJD is “degenerative joint disease”.  Two of my favourite points:

  • Stop basing everything you do and the way you think off of a patient’s x-ray or MRI. We now know and have a plethora of evidence that tissue damage often does not correlate to pain presentation. Imaging is important, but we need to talk patient’s off of the I have DDD/DJD cliff and onto the you don’t have to be in pain because of your imaging ride.
  • …the vast majority of those asymmetries, leg length discrepancies (if you are even able to get close to accurately diagnosing them), forward head rounded shoulder postures, increased lumbar lordosis, etc rarely actually have anything to do with your patient’s pain. Very often your patients sit in prolonged positions and don’t move/exercise much at all through the day. Merely getting them moving in safe and progressive manner can be incredibly powerful