Special Interest Groups

Not Familar with Laws of neuropathology

Well, actually, the NFL has been aware of the obvious neuropathology going on in its players for some time now, but has been able to feign innocence by conducting subpar studies of its own, and by sweeping good science under the rug.

Will Smith - Concussion

Until now – with the emergence of the documentary League of Denial (on Netflix) and the dramatized version of it – Concussion, featuring Will Smith who plays Bennet Omalu, the neuropathologist who takes on the NFL “corporation”, David vs. Goliath-style.  I would highly recommend both films, and would recommend seeing the documentary prior to the Hollywood version.

The obvious theme in Concussion is that football causes neuropathology or CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), however perhaps the greater overarching theme is that science can be deliberately ignored by special interest groups.  CTE is endemic to football players in the United States which is rather unfortunate to players/their families – a relatively small scale.  However, deliberately sweeping away science can be pandemic/worldwide, affecting the entire global population (as per large oil corporations suggesting for years that global warming was not caused by human activity, when climate scientists knew all along that it was).

Sidenote:  Today, I passed by two homeopathy clinics (one on Yonge, one on Eglinton).  Despite being absolutely, 100%, denounced by science, homeopathy continues to exist, because of special interest, and/or because of a lack of familiarity (either the patient or the clinician) with the concepts of confirmation bias, placebo, and regression to the mean.