Strength Training and Mortality Rates


Although a minority of older US adults met ST recommendations, guideline-concordant ST is significantly associated with decreased overall mortality. All-cause mortality may be significantly reduced through the identification of and engagement in guideline-concordant ST interventions by older adults.

Pelvic Asymmetries – All in the Mind?

An alternative and plausible explanation for why patients “feel” that they have imbalances within their pelvic girdle.

A plausible, alternate hypothesis for patient reports of asymmetries within the pelvis

Purpose of Assessment

Assessment of a patient is important, but it has the potential of being noceibic whereby a patient will begin to believe that there is something structurally wrong with them that is causing their pain, which often is not the case.  This may actually increase their pain levels.

Assessments should help patients transition from thinking that they are “broken” to understanding that they are improving.

What is a “Trigger Point”?

“This significant paper demonstrates that the biochemical milieu of trigger points is acidic and contains a lot of pain-causing metabolites: this is among the best evidence supporting the energy crisis theory of trigger point formation and/or perpetuation. It’s an improvement on an earlier paper from 2005 (Shah), with improved methods. It is cogently summarized by Simons, and in my own short article: Toxic Muscle Knots.

The validity of these findings have been questioned by Quintner et al. I think their concerns are justified, but it is a legitimate and unfinished scientific controversy.”

Massage – What Makes Olga Run

In the book “What Makes Olga Run”, author Bruce Grierson speaks as to how his story’s protagonist, ageing athlete Olga Kotelko, swears by self-massage, and talks briefly about why he things massage therapy is so appealing to many: “There’s little evidence that massage does much for us besides relieve pain.  But it clearly has a primal appeal.  The firm, predictable, licked-by-momma’s-tongue reassurance of massage is something people crave almost from the get-go.  Studies have shown that preemie babies who receive massage grow and develop more quickly and stay healthier than babies who don’t.”

What Makes Olga Run - Colin Badali