No association between low back pain and lumbar spondylolysis with or without isthmic spondylolisthesis!

This is huge news.  The link below is to a systematic review which has concluded that low back pain is NOT related to lumbar spondylosis which is a mechanical deformity often found in the lumbar spine.  It is very common.  As of right now, 2016, there are a ton of surgeons, MD’s, chiropractors, and many other health professionals, that will suggest to patients that they are in pain or should be in pain due to these deformities..  This sort of thinking actually increases fear of movement in the patient and/or produces a “nocebo” effect, which is scientifically proven to actually worsen outcomes.  Oh the irony!

“And another structural diagnosis is found to have no association with pain… How many more of these are needed before this message becomes widely accepted in the medical and public arenas?” – Adam Meakins