On Therapy Science:  PainScience.comScience-Based MedicineEdzard ErnstQuackwatch.comHarriet HallBetter Movement ArticlesUnderstanding Placebo/Regression to the Mean/Confirmation Bias/Confounding VariablesLehman Pain Science WorkbookSham Surgery – Expensive Placebo Article

On Massage Therapy:  Foam Rolling Mechanisms, Why do Muscles Feel TightProfessor Moyer Massage Research SiteMechanical Immunomodulation PaperSystematic Review Oxford: Massage for Pain

On Strength Training: Optimal Load ArticlePenn State College of Medicine Strength Training Study (-19% risk of early death)B.S. Detection 101 in Strength TrainingChronic Low-Back Pain – Strength Doesn’t Matter

Understanding Pain:  Lehman – Treating Pain, CourseMoseley IMB Seminar Talk (Excellent)First Do No Harm ArticlePeter O’Sullivan Talk on Chronic Non-Specific Low Back PainMoseley TED TalkStuart McGill Podcast,  Cognitive Functional Therapy (BPS Model)

Valuable Lessons: NOI Group Frozen Shoulder Article, PainScience: Surprising Ways to HurtWhy do ineffective therapies seem helpful? Review PaperUnderstanding the “Nocebo” EffectFrozen Shoulder- PainScience

On Supplements/Nutrition:  Examine.comGreg’s Blog

 Science Based Medicine Pyramid Science




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